Are you worried when "that time of the month" comes around?

My program's aim is to support you through your PCOS journey by reducing some symptoms you're having by making changes to your lifestyle. The program will introduce the right approach to fitness and nutrition through my coaching to help reduce your PCOS symptoms. 


Ri Fitness will provide you with information on hormones, inflammation, insulin resistance, and cycles to help you gain a more understanding of PCOS.


I am in partnership with fibroid queen our goal is to support women with dreams of womb wellness.


Join the 30-day program today to quit fighting with your body and start working with it by making changes today. 

What do you get with your membership?

  • 2x Month Coaching Calls with Ri Fitness

  • Support Group

  • 30 Item Shopping List

  • 5 Educational PCOS Videos

  • Nutritional PCOS Recipes

  • PCOS Gym and at Home Workouts

  • Facebook Womb Wellness Support Group

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Meet PCOS Coach Ria Peart

Ria is a Certified Personal Trainer, PCOS advocate, Fitness instructor, and Women’s health practitioner. Ria has had first-hand experience having irregular periods, difficulty losing weight, and losing her self-confidence through PCOS. Through researching PCOS and making changes to her fitness and nutrition Ria has been able to reduce some of her PCOS symptoms which have made a significant impact on her body confidence. Through “Rii Fitness” Ria shares her journey and insight on PCOS and helps other women regain control over their bodies.

Syreeta Badu

"I've seen big results!"

I was finding it difficult to lose weight and know what healthier meals I should be eating at the same time. I wanted to become a healthier person for myself and since I became a mom I ensured this became a goal for me. I started working with Ria who coached me on how to use the equipment and what I should be doing in order to see results. From training 3-4x a week I have seen big results. I can honestly say fitness has become a part of my life! -Syreeta Badu

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Glutes and Quads Workout

    • Dance HIIT Full Body Workout

    • Abs workout pt 1

    • DANCE HIIT Workout

  • 2


    • Grocery Shopping List

    • Portion Control

    • How Nutrition helps PCOS.

    • Tips

    • Meal PLAN 2

    • MEAL PLAN 1

  • 3


    • Sea Moss benefits for PCOS

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