Are you ready to make your physical wellness a priority?

My program is going to help jump-start your journey to physical wellness! Health is wealth, and I am here to help take your life to the next level! My mission is to assist you in discovering the regimen that will help you adapt to a new lifestyle. 


Partnering with me will help you hone in on healthy habits that will restructure and reshape your relationship with food and fitness. My goal is to give you the tools you need to position yourself for physical success! 

Your journey to a healthier lifestyle is on the other side of this. Let me help you achieve those goals! 

Your Wellness Challenge Subscription Includes...

  • Grocery List

  • Customized Meal Guide

  • Unlimited Access to Wellness Workouts

  • One Monthly Coaching Call

  • Private Accountability Group

Phyllis Frempong, RN, Fibroid Advocate, Certified Fitness & Yoga Coach

Understanding first hand the suffering associated with fibroids, Phyllis knew her calling was to empower and educate women to live the life they are destined for beyond fibroids. The "Fibroid Queen" has developed programs that focus on hormonal issues and concerns women face everyday. Using a holistic approach to wellness, Phyllis improves patient outcomes by using a proven system that combines Yoga, Fitness and Nutrition.

Client Testimonies

Exceeded My Expectations!

Rodneca S.

I've seen significant changes in my health, from better vitamin D and iron levels, to making better food choices, to even my menstrual cycle being reduced from 6 to 5 days! The advantages of being in this program go beyond better health, so my expectations have been exceeded.

Tuned Into My Needs

Ayesha S.

What I like about this program is that whether I participate in individual one-to-one sessions or Group classes Phyllis is tuned in to my needs, my goals and limitations and personalized my participation in a routine my body can cope with.

I Couldn't Do This Alone!

Felisha D.

During my first week of working with Phyllis, I lost three pounds, probably more but I didn't weigh the first day of starting. Phyllis is a wonderful coach. Through her instruction and guidance, I have managed to accomplish what was so hard for me to achieve before on my own.

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